2017 (United Kingdom) - Oisin Byrne - Court Room / Drama / Family / Narrative Fiction / Short Film / Suspense / Women's Rights

Disconnect is a present day courtroom drama, set in Sharia law council in East London.  It follows the story of a young Moroccan woman named Samira, who’s lives in the UK with her husband Salim, a British Pakistani man, almost 20 years her senior, who she met and wooed online. However, she now wants a divorce. Specifically, she wants a Khula, an Islamic procedure for a woman to divorce her husband. Samira pleads her case to the two Judges; Abdullah, a South Asian man in his 60’s and a close family friend of Salim’s. The other judge is Hamza, a convert of West Indian origin, who comes with a more scholarly and purer Quranic approach to Islam. Despite wanting a divorce, Samira remains loyal to her husband and won’t reveal the real reason behind why she wants the Khula. However, the Judges won’t grant such a divorce without a good reason, as it’s against both her husbands and Allah’s will. Furthermore, Abdullah accuses Samira of only trying to get her divorce now, as she’s finally allowed to live in the UK without a spouse.