What we do

Once an incredible film is made, it deserves a large audience - both critical and paying punter. And here at Festival Formula, we believe it needs an audience to complete its journey

With over thirteen years and counting of festival submission experience for an array of clients across different genres and various platforms, we can help you realise the strength of your film on the festival circuit. We offer different packages to suit your needs in an area which can often be neglected, mishandled or forgotten about. Whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker with experience or missing knowledge on the film admin side of things, we are here to help you long term.

Katie is amazing. As a filmmaker who makes comedy and with so many festivals to choose from worldwide it can be very difficult to know which festivals your film might suit taste wise. Katie’s years of experience and expertise makes sure your film is getting to the right people and is achievable on a budget you set. I really can’t recommend her enough. It’s brilliant to have Festival Formula handling and making sure my entries get to festivals on time, no more running to the post office in a panic sweat or watching a loading bar, all I have to think about is my next script. – Kate Herron

We promise to watch and assess all films at no cost. You are invited to send us your work for us to review when it is completed, in post-production or a rough-cut. Festival Formula makes an informed decision as to whether we can be of service to the film and would be able to create a strategy that is a wise investment of your budget. Once your film is assessed, it is safe in the knowledge that we will have considered how we can help you both in the short and long term.

We pride ourselves on our honesty, and because of this, it is worth noting that we sometimes have to turn films down; we would much rather the budget intended for us instead go towards your next award winning project. However, we make sure to offer constructive feedback on all films that are sent to us regardless of our decision to take it on and we always welcome filmmakers to keep us in the loop for their future projects.