Festival Strategy Creation

A cost-effective option of receiving our guidance with a personalised festival strategy taking into account the length, production values, genre, and budget limitations for submission fees - that you can implement yourself

By opting for our Festival Strategy Creation Service, you will receive a personalised festival strategy with a list of carefully selected festivals for your film which takes into account the length, production values, genre, and budget limitations for submission fees.

“Katie is the reason we have won awards for our film work, the reason our website is up-to-date with new screenings, the reason we are managing to build an audience online through social media. Filmmakers have the constant problem of spending time making films or engaging with the outside world – Katie bridges that gap brilliantly, ensuring you can concentrate on getting the next one made.” – Blaine Brothers – NINA FOREVER

We take time to draw out assets from within your narrative in front of the camera, and the stories behind addressing niche festivals. Elements such as: female filmmakers, BAME filmmakers; technical specific areas, student projects, LGBTQ narratives; British Council affiliation, GOYA, Cartoon D’or eligibility, BAFTA affiliation and Academy Award eligibility and others are all taken into consideration.

The service  includes all of the information about the festivals you will need to know in order to carry out the submissions such as deadlines, any affiliation the festival may have, festival running dates, submission platforms to utilise, any premiere status requirements, or specific categories we feel the film suits. This is a bespoke document tailored to you, your film and your budget so you can start your film festival journey fully prepared.

Don’t have the time, know how, or need more support? Consider our Submissions Coverage Service