Festival Submission Coverage

A personalised festival strategy with a list of carefully selected festivals for your film which takes into account the length, production values, genre, and budget limitations for submission fees - that we handle on your behalf so you remain stress free

Our Submissions Coverage Service includes a bespoke strategy that Festival Formula will implement on your behalf. Being very mindful of all of the deadlines, we will help you to collate the items needed to carry out festival submissions including: film versions, EPK, Bios, Head Shots, Film Stills, synopses, dialogue lists and more.

“Working with Festival Formula on our short, Robot & Scarecrow, has been a pleasure and a relief – they’ve taken the weight of all the applications and communications off our plate when we’ve needed it most, so that we can get on with what we do best! Katie, Ian and the team are all very efficient and knowledgeable.” Theo Barrowclough – ROBOT & SCARECROW 

We manage all deadlines, festival correspondence, form filling and file transfers so that you can focus on your next project safe in the knowledge that all festival deadlines are taken care of. Festival Formula offers ongoing professional consultation to all of our clients regardless of which package they opt for.

We create the bespoke strategy as listed above, and then we also handle the submissions and festival correspondence for the whole strategy that we’ve devised across all of the year’s worth of deadlines. We field all requests from any extra festivals who would like to view the film, help with print traffic, and anything else that comes our way. All submission fees are separate to our service fee and are to be covered by the client* – wherever possible we collate fee waivers and discounts to pass on to our Submission Slate clients. We are always very keen for each film to have a healthy submission fee budget and can advise on what that may be. If the budget is limited to cover both our services and have a strong submission fee budget we will advise to opt for our smaller package so you can still garner our knowledge but be able to retain a strong circuit journey.

* we never ask for all of your submission fee budget upfront – we invoice every 2-3 months in advance to allow for fee waivers // discounts as well as any changes in deadlines or prices from festivals

If your budget is limited then opt for our Festival Strategy Creation service