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Frankie Stewart

by Festival Formula

Frankie’s educational background sees him cover multiple areas with his Creative Media Production (BTEC) as well as City Lit courses covering an Introduction to WordPress, and Social Media Marketing Tips.

Since 2016 Frankie has worked for Festival Formula in different guises, but since 2019 he has amalgamated all of his experience to step into a fuller and senior role as Submissions Coordinator. He is a creative and driven team player who is constantly bringing fresh ideas to the table regarding social media reach as well as design content.

As Submission Coordinator and Design Assistant he provides all of our Submission clients the coverage of hitting their strategy deadlines and providing all festivals with the relevant materials they need to fulfil submissions. His knowledge of the slate is up-to-date as he watches all films that are accepted, and he also features in festival appearances and delivery of masterclasses. His design work covers any branding of the company at events or for online use, as well as collation and design delivery of the monthly newsletter that goes to our subscription list.

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